Headwaters Catering Menu


Sausage Puffs $18/dozen

Option of sausages (andouille is standard), wrapped in puff pastry, served with a jalapeno brown mustard dip or a honey Dijon dip

Pork Barrels $22/dozen

pork rillette rolled into a tot shape, panko breaded, fried, and served with a creole mustard dipping sauce

Deviled Eggs $17/dozen

Smoked salmon and orange zest filling in a paprika marinated egg white

Corn Cakes $16/dozen

Fire roasted poblano polenta Manchego corn cakes served with a rustic chimichurri sauce

Blistered Tomato Caprese Skewer $17/dozen

Charred cherry tomato, marinated mozzarella pearl, basil leaf, thick balsamic glaze

Charcuterie Board $60 – $80 / serve 10

A selection of either American or European boards, pricing varies.

Cucumber Cups $15/dozen

Salmon mousse, fried capers, pickled onions

Stuffed Mushroom Caps $23/ 25 pieces

Spinach crab artichoke (vegetarian and gluten free option)

Breads and Spreads $25 / serve 4

Selection of breads baked by Humble Pie and house spreads rosemary and roasted garlic, pimento cheese, spinach artichoke, hummus

Savory phyllo cups $20/25 pieces

Cranberry hazelnut chicken salad

Prawn Cocktail $55 / serve 8

Calabrian Chili Cocktail sauce with marinated and grilled & chilled prawns

PBLT Cups/Skewer $18/dozen

Pork belly, iceberg, tomato, with a rustic garlic aioli

Montreal Sliders $27/dozen

Montreal smoked meat (similar to pastrami), with a warm Aleppo Russian dressing


$ 3 . 5 0  P E R  P E R SON


Chivo Ranchero

Spinach, freshly picked herbs,

roasted red peppers, chèvre,

hazelnuts, paprika vinaigrette

Potato Salad

Bacon ranch, deviled egg, or country

style red potato salad

Ensalada Neuvo

Fennel, orange supreme, arugula,

kale, citrus and orange vinaigrette

Thai Peanut Slaw

Napa cabbage, red bell peppers,

jalapeno, cilantro, basil dressed in

a Thai peanut vinaigrette

Esotico Pasta Salad

Castelvetrano olives, fire roasted

tomatoes, lemon zest, oregano,

basil, salami,

grana pandano

Tomato and Cucumbers

Amazingly simple and delicious

marinated cucumbers and sliced

onions tossed with fresh tomatoes

and herbs served over a bed of

spring mix


Fresh and roasted corn, Cotija, Chili

Garlic Aioli, Poblanos, Chamoy, Tajin,

Cilantro, Lime

Mediterranean Salad

Bell peppers, red onions, garlic,

oregano, feta, kalamata olives,

cucumbers, romaine

Classic Caesar

Caesar salad with house made

croutons, blend of parmesan, and a

fresh bright Caesar dressing


$ 5 . 0 0  P E R  P E R SON

Tuscan White Beans

Great Northern White beans stewed

in a rich broth with fire roasted

tomatoes and Tuscan herbs

Roasted Root Veg

Seasonal root vegetables roasted to

enhance and highlight all the best of

the fall seasonal bounty here in the

NW, served in a warm pomegranate

Dijon dressing

Mascarpone Roasted Garlic Mash

Yukon gold potatoes whipped with

mascarpone cheese, slow roasted

garlic, and seasoned to delightful,

fluffy perfection

Brown Butter & Sage Rice Pilaf

Jasmine rice in a rich roasted

vegetable broth, fresh sage and

nutty brown butter compliment the

beautifully aromatic rice

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes and pearl onions

roasted slow until tender,

tossed with a citrus, parsley, sage,

and bright herb paprika olive oil

Potatoes Au Gratin

A classic fall comfort dish, layers of

thin sliced russet potato, cream,

Swiss and parmesan cheese, baked

into a golden-brown potato


Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

Oven roasted to a crispy,

caramelized perfection, finished with

orange zest and fried shallots

Gaucho Polenta

Roasted vegetable broth and a blend

of fire roasted peppers and

Manchego cheese give this polenta a

deep and complex flavor

Potato Chip Crusted Mac

Three cheese baked macaroni

topped with crackers and BBQ chips.

Classic comfort food


Meat + Poultry

Carved Smoked Prime Rib Red

Wine Demi-Glace/ $20

“Reverse Seared” slow smoked,

toasted black peppercorn and

rosemary sea salt crusted prime

rib, served with a red wine demiglace

(*carving station)

Chicken Piccata $11.50

Chicken thighs, braised in white

wine, capers, grilled lemon, sage

Pollo a la Parma Diabla $11.50

Three cheese baked macaroni

topped with crackers and BBQ chips.

Classic comfort food

Grilled Hanger Steak Carved/ $18

Sous Vide and flame grilled hanger

steak, carved, and served with a

choice of sauces; Japanese

chimichurri, red wine demi-glace,

horseradish cream, bearnaise, fire

roasted tomato butter, blue

cheese bacon butter

Carved Turkey $12.50

Turkey roulade or carved Turkey

(netted whole deboned bird both

dark and white meat),

with classic roasted turkey gravy

Carved Ham $12

Winter spiced glazed Ham with

orange clove whiskey butter

Moroccan Lamb Chops $20

Lamb chops rubbed with a fresh

ground masala, grilled to

preferred temperature, served

with a curried yogurt sauce and

mint pistou

Roast Pork Loin $14 (min 4 ppl)

Apple brandy and ginger brined

pork loin roasted with a pear

brandy butter sauce, orange, and

cranberry relish

Pollo Al Forno $12

Airline breast or hind 1⁄4,

peppercorn, herb, and citrus

brined chicken slow roasted to a

tender mahogany delicacy, served

with a lemon garlic dill white wine

pan jus


Fish + Vegetarian

Baked Salmon $19

Pastrami cured and baked, with a

Russian dressing hollandaise

Kohlruladen $15

Interpretation of a German classic.

Cabbage rolls with soyrizo, lentils,

carrots, and aromatics baked in a

zigeuner sauce a rich sweet sour and

savory pepper and tomato broth.

Aubergine Involtini $16

This dish consists of slices of grilled

eggplant rolled around a mixture of

house made vegan ricotta and

roasted mushrooms, baked in a

rustic marinara sauce

Buckwheat Risotto $14

This hearty disk is packed full of

flavor from slowly cooked leeks and

sautéed and roasted mushrooms.

Garnished with fried leeks GF and


Seared Salmon $17 (min 4 ppl)

Seared Salmon with miso brown

butter, roasted carrots, and pearl


Shrimp Aglio e Olio $17 (min 4 ppl)

Sweet Argentine pink shrimp

sauteed with garlic, a blend of chili

flakes, a kiss of roasted lemon, olive


Fall Pasta $10.50

Pasta and winter veg pistou cream

sauce, toasted hazelnuts, goat


Trixnat $14

Our take on a classic Catalan dish.

Cabbage and potatoes grilled to a

savory pancake with house made

carrot “bacon”

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